Why choose car sharing?

Besides being a eco-friendly choice, car sharing grants a real saving and is the best way for employees to optimize their trips, most of all when there are many branches of the same company on the territory.

EuropeGroup works every day with corporates and big companies to plan their transfers between their branches in Milan, Rome, Naples, Florance, Turin, Venice and other italian cities.

Company, Multi Company and Private car sharing

Through its innovative managing system, EuropeGroup can propose different forms of car sharing to its clients:

  • Company car sharing – on purpose

    Company’s employees indicate themselves the combinations of itineraries and time, we manage the requests.

  • Company car sharing – driven

    Our web tool recognizes the common factors and puts together, for instance, two employees working in different offices who have to reach the same airport in few minutes one from another.

  • Multi Company car sharing

    Two or more companies are able to choose the same vehicle to get the same destination (eg. airport). EuropeGroup manages the concomitance of time, journeys and destinations.

  • Car sharing for everyone

    Car sharing is good also for occasional travellers, who can choose to join it.
    Our platform verifies the possibility to let several people travel together and proposes automatically the trip on the same car, even for just a part of the travel.